OUKITEL K5000 Challenges Samsung S8 specs, win or lose?
By | 11-October-17
                  OUKITEL K5000 Challenges Samsung S8 specs, win or lose?
     Last week, OUKITEL announced that they are releasing a new smartphone OUKITEL K5000. 
     This new smartphone is said to feature a 5.7 inch 2.5D curved 18:9 infinity display and 3D
     curved battery cover. According to its design, it is quite similar to Samsung S8. If you think
     Samsung S8 is too expensive and fragile, you can check out this OUKITEL K5000 as they
     have many things similar and even wins S8 in some aspects.
     First, Display. OUKITEL K5000 features 5.7 inch HD+display with 18:9 full screen. While  
     Samsung Galaxy features 5.8 inch Quad HD+ display with 18:9 full screen.

     Second, Design. Both Samsung S8 and K5000 gets curved design on the display and
     battery cover, that’s why they look quite similar.

     Third, memory, chipset and battery. Both K5000 and S8 carry 4GB RAM +64GB ROM. But 
     K5000 supports 128GB expandable memory while S8 supports 256GB extension. K5000 runs
     on MediaTek MT6750T octa-core chipset, while S8 packs Snapdragon 835 octa-core
     processor. K5000 has got 5000mAh battery while Samsung S8 owns 3000mAh battery

     Fourth, camera. To give better sefie shooting experience, OUKITEL K5000 will adopt
     Samsung 3P3 21MP(16MP interpolated) camera for the front-facing camera. And the rear
     camera will be Sony IMX135 16MP(13MP interpolated) sensor. On Samsung S8, it
     will get 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.

     From the above comparison, we can see that both K5000 and Samsung S8 has got same
     curved 18:9 infinity display, same RAM and ROM, same octa-core. But Samsung S8 gets
     better screen resolution, more powerful Snapdragon processor, larger expandable memory,
     and higher price. However, OUKITEL K5000 wins in larger battery, higher camera resolution,
     and super cheap price. Which one would you buy if you want basic needs for a smartphone?  
     To know more about OUKITEL K5000, check it here: